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homepro ghana company limited held quality month activities

in september 2016, the "quality month" of homepro ghana company limited in ghana, the world-renowned "gold coast " is flourishing.

the factory leadership attached great importance to the organization of the quality month activities

the factory is to set up a leading group to develop a detailed "quality month" program activities. the activities of quality in pursuit of excellence in quality management and constantly improve the quality control system for customers to acquire quality products, organized through various forms of quality activities to stimulate staff to improve product quality to enhance the enthusiasm and further promote the quality of factory management level.

mr. li yuexin director (left) at the mobilization meeting for the quality monthly activities

to create an atmosphere of activity, stimulate employee’s participation and enthusiasm

in order to promote the campaign of the quality activity, create a congenial atmosphere.  there was hanging of banners at the factory site, publishing quality posters and publicity columns, promotion of quality knowledge to improve staff quality awareness.

promotional slogans

strengthen the quality through training and control process

the quality activities and factory operations are closely integrated, and the quality knowledge and training of local employees were widely carried out to enhance the quality awareness and quality knowledge of the local staff in view of the weak industrial foundation in africa and the lack of quality knowledge in the human resource structure. at the same time, strengthen the quality production process operation and improve the quality control level.

quality department and team leaders on the quality knowledge trainingand learning

check the process documents

production is carefully controlled at the control center

quality personnel seriously testing the quality of the products

highly-quality washing powder products ready to be sold

to carry out a variety of activities to promote full participation in quality management

the quality activities were in various forms which were closely integrated with the factory operations; such as quality essay and speech contest, quality picture contest, quality pacesetter selection, job skills contest, quality inspection, quality knowledge training and learning. the "quality month" activities organized and carried out by the company's leadership was attached with great importance and also strong support was given by the various departments.

the quality activities were climax on the 24th september. the quality speech competitions, quality picture contest, job skills contest, etc was held as scheduled. washing powder factory contestants were applauded and cheered. mr. hu dongming; general manager of sunda international, ghana branch, mr. pan wenfeng; director of supply chain sunda international group, paid a visit to quality month activities and gave a speech on quality work and development. also, the washing powder factory director mr. li yuexin delivered a speech about the quality month activities as an opportunity to improve the quality of work from the beginning. he also went further to stress on the attachment of importance to quality and that everyone should be involve in quality management and strive for quality control of the washing powder factory to become a model for all industries.

mr. hu dongming(center), general manager of sunda ghana branch, mr. pan wenfeng(right), director of supply chain,mr. li yuexin,factory director (left) attends the quality month activity and gave speech respectively.

event venue

the competitors from various departments gave wonderful speech; the contestants gave speech from their own job perspective and their own understanding of the quality consciousness in detail. enthusiastic speech, the competition was exciting.

enthusiastic speech of the contestants

the workshop skills contest was brilliant, the packaging skills contest was held in the various posts. that is, to operate automated machines, sealing, packing, sewing, palletizing. all audience cheered for their players passionate. after nearly two hours of intense competition, the final result was the top two winners of each position. ascended through the game, we mobilized the study techniques, dedication love, the formation of learning, drive, super work atmosphere.

the quality month skills contest intense 

quality month activity award-winning staff posed for pictures

the company’s leadership attached great importance to the extensive participation of all staff, the homepro ghana company limited "quality month" activities came to an end successfully. through the series of activities to further consolidate the basic management, the quality awareness of all departments, service awareness, production and management awareness and quality control capabilities have been further strengthened, to continuously enhance the market control of products to ensure the company's annual objectives and tasks to achieve the basic foundation.