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excellence--there is no best, only better.

deal with daily work in positive and optimistic attitude, 

make little improvement everyday to attain better performance,

never give up in the face of adversity and seek solution,

diligently to achieve success,

set up higher standards constantly and insist that the best performance of today is the lower requirement of tomorrow.

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teamwork--cooperation and share together

join the team actively, understand the mission and target of team well, assist team to get the team target and accept suggestion of team member, prevent selfish departmentalism,

fully engaging in the team discussions and implement collective decision without excuse even there is different opinion,

share information, knowledge and experience with team member actively, help team member each other and try to utilize team’s ability to solve problems,

focus on the situation or issues, not on the person, influence the team in a positive manner and boost the team morale and atmosphere.

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embrace changes--welcome change and continuous innovation

adapt to changes of company without complaints,

manage change in a reasonable manner, keep communication and cooperation,

have a foresight in work and make new ideas and solutions,

crate changes and enhance business performance.

honesty and integrity --keep your promises 

keep steadfast manner in the face of pressure or personal gain,

express your opinion using correct channels and process,

be able to offer constructive criticism with suggestion or solution,

don’t talk about people or issue at the back,

don’t hesitate to admit mistake and take responsibility for it,

safeguard the company’s interest against dishonest behaviors.

professionalism and dedication – striving to perfection

to be loyal to the job and dig into the job specific knowledge and skills constantly,

focus on the task at hand with no distractions,

do not repeat mistakes due to negligence,

never put off till tomorrow what should be done today,

comply with the regulation and work flow,

deal with the work in the principles of prioritization,

simplify things and get larger achievement with less investment.