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2018-01-29 10:32:15 sundaadmin 8699

twyford gh ceramics company limited held its annual west africa distributor’s programme at takoradi for its customers across the west africa sub region.  the company is a chinese tiles factory located within the shama district in the western region. the factory started production of tiles in june this year and has currently employed over 800 local staff.

as part of efforts to strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers across the west africa sub region and also to become more competitive within the region, the company held an annual programme for distributors across the sub-region. the program was attended by the deputy western regional minister hon. gifty kusi. other notable people at function were the district chief executive officer for shama, hon. joseph amoah, the chairman of twyford, mr. y.c. shen and the managing director of twyford gh ceramics, mr. armin zheng among others.

in the speech of the deputy minister, she stated that without strong industries to create jobs and add value to raw materials, african countries risk remaining shackled by joblessness and static economic growth. he added that the economic transformation of every country can happen through industrialization which cannot be considered a luxury, but a necessity for the development of ghana and africa as a whole. according to the deputy minister, she was very happy twyford gh ceramics company limited has come at the right time as it is the first factory in the western region to fit into the one district one factory policy of the government. she also praised the company for the employment opportunities given to local staff.

on the other hand, the managing director of twyford assured the customers and the general public about the implementation of the strong quality of the products and stressed on adherence to best standard practices. this he said makes twyford ghana unique from its competitors. the managing director also touched on some corporate social responsibilities the company had undertaken within the shortest period of operation in ghana. he mentioned the donation to the university of ghana students and victims of the atomic junction gas explosion, donation to the 37 military hospital, the western regional naval command, the western regional police command, the ghana immigration service and the shama district assembly.

in an interview with an ivorian distributor, manufacturing tiles here in ghana would be of better quality compared to it being imported.

in general the exportation of the product outside ghana will bring foreign currency to the country. this will help in the stabilization of the ghana cedis. it will also strengthen the made in ghana brand not only in ghana but across the west africa sub region.